Summer Vacation, or why I haven't blogged in a long time

Tomorrow our 6th (and maybe final?) batch of company since Memorial day arrives for a week. In an hour, friends are coming over to celebrate Pioneer Day at the house in the billion degree heat. Our celebration will include but is not limited to trying to make a meal in an unseasoned dutch oven over coals for lunch. Sometimes my ideas that come after 9pm are not always the best in hindsight.

We love our family and our friends and it's been a lot of fun to see everyone but things like blogging and regular showers and watering my plants and sleep have fallen by the wayside until the kids start school in August.  I still am amazed that so many people have wanted to come to our house with our baby that is precious as long as someone is giving her attention, meaning she never sleeps through the night. And Stella is on the other side of the guest bed wall.

Baby Stella 9 months

Today Baby Stella Jane is 9 months old.  She's been crawling for a few days, loves all food even though it doesn't all love her back, is still nursing (which is a miracle) and loves attention. A lot. If someone walks by her and doesn't acknowledge her, Stella makes a squeak to get their attention or just looks crestfallen and confused. Her siblings are all still crazy about her.

She's getting her top teeth in and it's taking forever and since she's the most precious happy baby and the most pathetic sad baby ever we've been trying all kinds of things that we never did with the other kids to ease the burden of teething.

Like getting Stella plain shave ice. See how much happier she is afterward? That is a quality half smile if I've ever seen one.


Stella Jane 5 months

Stella was five months old on March 24th. Ed was out of town and I had the older kids at well checks and I plopped Stella on the scale to see if she had grown any (12 lbs 7 ounces!!!)  and the nurse told me she was five months old and I went home and cried because I thought she was still only 4 and a half months and I just wasn't ready for it and it kind of felt like I'd lost two weeks of her life. Also, Ed was out of town so I was probably due for a good cry.

She's absolutely adorable and is the one baby to rule them all. Stella has become quite chatty and grabby and friendly and fascinated by everything, especially people's hair. One of her favorite things is to try to rip the boys' hair out in clumps. She's still nursing like a champ and things are going great as long as I don't eat any dairy or gluten and only a tiny bit of dark chocolate. So sharing that pan of extra dark dairy free, gluten free brownies with Hudson the other day was a bad idea.